Justin Samuels (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 15:07:30 -0800

I am sure you agree that people generally paint themselves the way they
look right? Europeans paintings of themselves or white. Well, the
hieroglyphics are painted in clors from light brown to skillet back, so
we can safely assume they were those colors. In Egyptian days, all
races were enslaved, yes, white slaves have been exported to Africa and
the Mid East in the past. The language of the Ancient Egyptians, was
never placed inthe Indo European family, so there isn't even a
linguistic connection! Lastly, the people of Egypt today are descended
fro mthe Ancient Egyptians, of course, you probably don't want to count
them, because it's thatthye have some black features and ancestry.
Today's Egyptinas are mixed with Ethiopians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and
Turks, but even in Ancient times, mixing was quite common, because of
migrations and conquests.

I find it intriguing that your trying to claim somehow Egypt was a white

Lastly, just because national Georgaphic or one musuem state something,
doesn't mean that we should accpet it. And the same goes for the
Afgro-Centrists, just because they say something is true doesn't mean we
should accept it. Logically, all races have borrowed ideas from each
other, that's how civlizations grow and progress. much of Egypt's
learning was transmitted to Europe via the Arabs(And before them the
Greeks) I am not saying it was a one way route, there were exchanges on
both sides.