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Have you read Black Athena by the scholar Martin Bernal? I recommend it
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> This evening, CBS "60 Minutes" included a segment on
> 'Afro-Centrism' - a kind of cult among American Blacks based
> on the belief that the Ancient Egyptians were Black and that
> the Classical and Western Cultures trace their roots to African
> Blacks.
> Evidently the originators of this concept are either aware
> that this is a hoax or are ignorant of the facts, not having
> seen the Tutankhamun Exhibit when it toured the U.S. or
> visited the Cairo Museum and Luxor to learn the truth.
> Blacks need to somehow establish a viable Cultural base
> but not this way. Sooner or later the facts will surface and the
> reaction will be bad news all around. This program was the
> first attempt to set the record straight but it was not specific.
> A picture is worth a thousand words: The October 1963
> edition of "National Geopraphic" has on page 642 a photo that
> proves it is all a hoax. Anyone who is interested in a copy,
> E-mail me your Fax number. My number is 954-525-8800
> Prior to the conquest of Egypt by the Asiatic HYksos, Blacks
> were not allowed in Egypt nor were Asiatics. The Hyksos not
> only allowed Blacks in, they brought them in as slaves. The
> original Egytians were a homogeneous, sun-tanned, White Race.
> Many of them fled from the Hyksos to the Aegean area where
> they formed the Mycenean Culture. After a couple of hundred
> years, when the Egyptians were able to overthrow the Hyksos,
> the Myceneans helped them. If you think I'm making this up,
> visit the State Museum in Athens and they'll show you proof.
> The best bet for Black Africans is to somehow emulate other
> Peoples who became crypto-Western though they are not White.
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