Re: The submerged city
26 Nov 1996 01:34:33 GMT

Subject: Re: The submerged city
From: (Michael Rogero Brown)
Date: 25 Nov 1996 21:08:21 GMT
Message-ID: <57d1s5$> wrote:
: >Anybody find out if the wood carvings found in the submerged city off
: >the Florida coast are real?

Hi. I did not write the above. I wrote the below

: Do you mean the carving from Key Marco and similar sites? If so, these
: have been known for many decades. There isn't any submerged city
: associated, though, just some fairly impressive towns (with mounds, some
: shell-faced) built by the Calusa and their ancestors. The carvings are
: exquisite.

Michael Rogero Brown wrote:
>A good book to read for more info on the Key Marco finds is Marion
>The Material Culture of Key Marco Florida, first published by the Univ of
>in 1975, then reprinted by Florida Classics Library in 1989. Also check
>Barbara Purdy's Art & Archaeology of the Florida's Wetlands published by
>Press in 1991 and Indian Art of Ancient Florida which just came out from
>Univ Press of Florida.

>Key Marco was NOT a submerged city. There where muck-filled 'water
>that these wood objects fell into and where thus preserved. Many wood
>have been found in Florida because of this.

I was aware of that, but thanks. I have no idea what "city" the original
poster was refering to. It sounded like another one of those lost
civilization things . . . .

--Greg Keyes