Re: LUCY: ``Yes, we have no bananas!"

Ed Conrad (
19 Nov 1996 12:23:39 GMT

Michael Clark <> wrote:

>> >On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Ed Conrad wrote:
>> >> To my mind, the ONLY physical anthropologist who possessed scientific
>> >> integrity in a search for honest answers to legitimate questions about
>> >> man's origin and ancestry was the late Dr. Earnest A. Hooton, longtime
>> >> professor of anthropology at Harvard University.

>Have you NO shame? That mountain that you keep kicking is
>actually the sum total of our collective knowledge about the physical
>universe and the biological systems contained therein. It will not yield
>to your say so.

Hey, Michael, what we REALLY know about the physical universe would
fit in a thimble.
And that mountain of knowlege, to which you're referring, is about the
size of a molehill.

As a wise man once said:

>>> `` We know only one-tenth
>>> of one percent about anything."
>>> -- Thomas A. Edison