Re: Ed Conrad

Ed Conrad (
19 Nov 1996 11:46:28 GMT (Paul Z. Myers) wrote
(to sci.anthropology.paleo):

>This morning, one third of the new messages in this newsgroup were either
>by Ed Conrad (the majority) or in reply to him.

>Please, please try to ignore him, and if you feel the need to disagree or
>agree with him, please do it in At the rate this is going,
>sci.anthropology.paleo will BECOME do you really want this
>newsgroup to be a forum for crackpots?

I take umbrage to the above posting by Paul Z. Myers.
I think he is off base with his rather sarcastic assertion that the
sci.anthrop[ology.paleo news group is turning into ``a forum for
crackpots," which he claims already is.

Granted, I've noticed there are a few crackpots posting regularly to and, quite frankly, I admit that they even get on MY

When this happens, I usually take two aspirins, lie down for about an
hour, then get up an eat an apple to keep the doctor away.

Nobody likes to be called a crackpot, and I know the feeling.

Last Thursday night, I was at an auction when the man with the gavel
turned in my direction and began shouting, ``Crackpot!" It was SO
embarrassed and I began turning red.

Imagine my sigh of relief when, seconds later, the auctioneer held
high the object he was selling, Only then did I realize he was looking
for bids on a crockpot.