Re: LUCY: ``Yes, we have no bananas!"

Ed Conrad (
19 Nov 1996 11:40:55 GMT (Nicholas Rosen) wrote:

>Ed Conrad ( wrote:

>: To my mind, the ONLY physical anthropologist who possessed scientific
>: integrity in a search for honest answers to legitimate questions about
>: man's origin and ancestry was the late Dr. Earnest A. Hooton, longtime
>: professor of anthropology at Harvard University . . .
>: (who wrote these eloquent words in ~Apes, Men and Morons."):

>: > ``I am also convinced that science pursues
>: > a foolish and fatal policy when it tries to keep up
>: > its bluff of omniscience in matters of which it is sitill
>: > woefully ignorant. Sooner or later the intelligent
>: > public is going to call that bluff."

>Bluff of omniscience? Science? Not so, sir. There may be scientists
>guilty of arrogance, but science does not pretend to omniscience . . .

You, sir, are certainly entitled to your opinion.
Unfortunately, you are dead wrong.
I'd certainly believe Dr. Hooton a helluva lot faster than
I'd believe you.