Re: FOSSIL human skull, old as coals carbon-14 biblical Flood (Ramses vs. Moses)

Michael D. Painter (
16 Nov 1996 07:59:10 GMT

Ah, Jack, it appears that you have not met EJ before.
This latest appearance is one of the most coherent posts I've seen from
him. ( No, really)
He exhibits all the behavior of someone who goes off his meds, gets worse
and worse, then gets locked up for a few days (when he disappears) and is
put back on track.
I said this in jest the first time I ran across him but am beginning to
believe I was right.

Jack Campin <> wrote in article
> Eliyehowah <> writes:
> > This is a reply. I have not chosen the header newsgroups this thread is
> > found in.
> Yes you have, fuckwit. You can't weasel out of your responsibility by
> saying "the other guy started it".
> > I have added alt.religion.christian to share with them
> I'm sure that group's readers are all *really* grateful. I don't think.
> Now edit your goddamn headers before continuing this discussion.
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