FOSSIL human skull, old as coals carbon-14 biblical Flood (Ramses vs. Moses)

David Sewell (
19 Nov 1996 22:41:51 -0700

In article <>, Eliyehowah <> wrote:
>I have difficulty working a scanner.
>(Need advise for best scan dpi , format, lineart [?] etc.)
>However, I will be posting the C-14 of trees from a published Nobel convention.

One good piece of advice on using a scanner would be to request
permission from the publisher before posting any copyrighted material.

>A list of dendrochronology dates BP~BC along with C-14 dates BP~BC.
>In the list is revealed the fact that trees having C-14 from 2300 BC are being
>claimed by dendrochronology as 3000 BC trees favoring Egyptology.
>Of course, you are claiming them to be trees from 3000 BC containing
>C-14 from that era in larger amounts which falsely produce 2300 BC dates.
>I believe the real Egyptology is proven by the Hebrew Genesis back to
>2370 BC and not the Turin Papyrus (Septuagint Genesis) back to 3090 BC.
>Thus the C-14 is my testimony from God as the truth or word of God,
>and not the dendrochronology you worship as the word of God.

Yep, those dendrochronologists are a sorry lot. How do they know
that those trees of theirs didn't stick in an extra annual ring now
and then for a good joke to throw the counts off?

Say, if you can find a radiocarbon expert who doesn't think
that a radiocarbon age of ~4250 before present calibrates to
a calendar age of around 3000 BC, tell 'em to send us a paper.
We haven't had any good rip-roaring controversies lately.

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