Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Andrew Carol (
16 Nov 1996 18:41:14 GMT

In article <56kp4d$ocg@informer1.cis.McMaster.CA>, Laura Finsten
<> wrote:

> (Gregory Taylor) wrote:
> [...]
> > Where *does* he get this stuff - orbiting Masonic mind-control satellite
> >broadcasts?
> Actually, I find his continual rants highly encouraging, if somewhat
> tediuous. They are pretty good evidence that the kosher foil project
> *is* working, and so I might get back my job running that.


If you're not carefull, all Goyim will become aware of the secret
kosher foil project.

We all know that kosher foil is CENTRAL to our plans of ultimate
world conquest!

What is the value of owning all the media without the foil for Bubba
to make TV antennas from?

What is the value of owning all the medical centers without the foil
for Bubba to put on his head to block the voices?

What is the value of controlling the CIA without the foil for Bubba
to put on his windows to keep the microwave signals out?

If the Secret Joo Cabal (SJC) can't control that last thing we
desire then our thousand years of planning will be a waste. We
MUST control the tin-foil market. We must make that market
kosher. We can not afford to fail.

Your talking so openly on usenet runs the risk of exposing us all!

Now we are forced to track every Aryan who might have read your
message and ensure they decide it's in their best interest not
to interfere.

Andrew Carol "Could be worse. Could be raining."