Are Americans genetically superior?

Jonathan Adams ((no email))
13 Nov 1996 01:17:02 GMT wrote:
> Show me another country that can gear up in short order, furnish
>food and arms
>for our allies and ourselves, and fight two different wars at the same
>time .
>(Pacific and Europe) And as soon as the war was over supply the
>equivilance of
>another war to rebuild not only our Allies but the ex-enemy too. Then to
>to survive over two generations of trade deficites. And to maintain a
>standard of
>living as high as any in the world.

I bet the Romans would have said similar things about themselves just before
the crunch.

> Selecting a few Nobel Laureats or a few Olymphic Medalists says
>whatever about the population as a whole. Just as picking a couple Blue
>country fair winners would say nothing about the total milk production of
>a dairy
>herd. I was writing about the total population of this country. And I was
>talking about the other imigrants; blacks , orientals, hispanics, and
>native americans
>(did I miss anybody?) who have contributed their part to the Great
>Experiment ?

I did also mention longevity and infant mortality being essentially the same on
both sides of the Atlantic (except that America does less well than some
European countries). Also (and if one takes these things seriously which I'm
not sure I do, though it may indicate something about SOME rather dreary
crossword-puzzle-type aspects of mental functioning), the average IQ score of
Americans is identical (i.e. 100) to the populations they left behind in
Europe. And I don't notice fewer Americans requiring glasses or contact lenses
to correct vision defects. If there were indeed greater 'genetic fitness' in
the American population, wouldn't we expect such things to have improved?