Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 14:02:59 -0500

Philip Kasiecki wrote:
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> Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
> : carl skutsch wrote:
> : > IQ tests do not measure intelligence, rather, they measure how well
> : > one can do on an IQ test. Many people show a remarkably naive faith
> : > in the ability of learned men in white lab coats to determine what
> : > intelligence is thru an arbitrary set of questions. I do very well
> : > on standarized tests, this does not mean that I am intelligent
> : > (although, of course, I am); it does mean that I feel relaxed in a
> : > testing environment, that I'm well educated, and perhaps that I
> : > have some basic 'extra' degree of smarts. I'm not saying there is
> : > no such thing as intelligence, I am merely suggesting that it is a
> : > much more complex entity than many people seem to think, and that we
> : > are far from being able to accurately quantify it.
> : None of the clones who insist IQ is meaningless would let anybody
> : try for one of their precious PhD's who did not have an IQ of at least
> : 120.
> : Get off it!
> Bull shit, Bob.
> It's really funny how you think a Ph.D is meaningless, but an IQ
> test shows everything, yet they're similar in some regard. Personally,
> I think a Ph.D. is a better thing than an IQ of, say, 140. Just like
> four years of straight As in high school is a lot better than a 1500+
> SAT score.


> I've never heard of any case where an IQ test score meant the
> difference between being admitted to a Ph.D. program; maybe you can cite
> one for us, though.
> Until then: get off it.

I still think it's cute how little Kasiecki-Brown thinks he can give
me orders.
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