Re: Gender differences

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 28 May 1995 06:37:55 GMT

In article <3q656d$>, Bryant ( writes:
>No, it doesn't take imagination to come up with such a reasonable
>hypothesis. What disturbs me, watching social scientists from
>evolutionary biology, is that such hypotheses are rarely tested, but are
>rather assumed a priori (how's that for ironic wording?) to be correct.

Social scientists from evolutionary biology? What on earth does that
have to do with anthropology? While I must say that I have to agree
with you on their assumptions, Bryant old bean, I yet wonder that
you never bother to test your ideas either.

How's that for irony?

>To assume that such effects are "innate" requires no more or less a great
>leap of faith, untested, than do "learning" theories, untested. I hope
>that nobody here is making such assertions. I also hope that everybody
>understands that on the gross level, brain structure and behavior have
>been convincingly linked. Whatever the findings, they will be utterly
>irrelevant in issues of morality and/or ethics, of equality, of opportunity.

Well yes, Bryant, of course human brain structure and human behaviour
are "convincingly linked", at the gross level and every other level
one can possibly imagine. They are both part of being human, yes?

The mind boggles at the effort it must have taken to convince you
this far, much less get you the rest of the way.

Nah! You don't want anything phrased in ordinary language, do you. It
just makes such fools of you so exposed in your battle to grasp even
the most fundamental facts on human reality.

You have to sit there wading through all this flowery verbosity and big
words that nobody can follow anyway, hence never able to resolve the
question or make any progress in replying to you (even if they did
you'd just try to ridicule them before rewording the whole thing all
over again trying to sound even more knowledgable), until someone has

Why don't you lot try gaining admittance to some Department somewhere,
and make an effort at real tertiary study finally?