Re: The culture of anthropology (was Re: Harris)

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 28 May 1995 06:42:07 GMT

In article <3pui9t$>, PioneerTom ( writes:
>The truer reckoning may be coming already. The Budget passed by the U.S.
>House of Representatives just refused a standard 3% increase in money for
>the Anthropology Directorate of the National Science Foundation along with
>Directorates for other "social sciences". Fortunately, the panic-bred
>post I saw a few days ago, that these Directorates were completely cut out
>of the NSF budget, was false, though it had been discussed as an option.

This news is good enough for the moment. Thanks Tom.

Let's hope we can get through to these morons finally about getting
out there and doing some anthropology for a change.

Hear that guys? You're on notice!