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27 May 1995 20:18:04 -0600

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Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>In article <3q0a1o$>, Bryant ( writes:
>>I don't recall an explicit discussion, although South American polygamous
>>societies tend to send their women off somewhere to birth, and many
>>simply abandon the infant after examination. I encourage anybody
>>interested in child abuse or infanticide in humans to read Daly &
>>Wilson's book.
>Problem with your patent inability to earn credibility here, Bryant
>old scrotum, is the emotive language with which you choose to expose
>your intent in pursuing these "anthropological researches" of yours.

If anybody could offer a hint about what the hell Gil is going on about
now, I'd appreciate it. I merely described a chapter from a book.

>The shuffling of second- and third-hand literary sources does not an
>anthropologist make, nor does your presumption before the fact of
>these phenomena in any way constituting abuse of children, or even
>their murder.

Gil, you usually attack from a sense of persecution, it's seemed.
Misunderstanding my arguments and such. Now, you've simply lost me.
Describing that something occurs (infanticide, in this case) is not the
same as expressing support or rejection or moral relevance to that
phenomenon. What in the world are you getting at?

>What are you in fact, old boy? One of these fruitcake American Right
>To Lifers, or some similarly self-righteous moralising lobby group, or
>some such organisation?

Oh my God. It's worse than I thought. You're so dense that you actually
have me pegged for a Biblical literalist. Snicker.

Gil, I've not given a clue as to my political persuation in any of our
discussions, and I defy you to guess, old labia.