Re: The culture of anthropology (was Re: Harris)

PioneerTom (
24 May 1995 02:04:45 -0400 (Gil Hardwick)writes:

<I therefore despair of the cloistered academics, on the other hand,
<who chose to knife their own colleagues and play their unrelenting
<crud political scams over education funding. It is difficult out here
<as it is without a professional sub-culture of our own in which we can
<find nurturing and support, while they continue to draw more and more
<students into the profession only so as to fill up their classes and
<qualify for more and more money from the government, then abandon <them
<to their fate on graduation.

<Their behaviour is contemptible in the extreme, and the day will come
<when there is a true reckoning in anthropology over this matter.

The truer reckoning may be coming already. The Budget passed by the U.S.
House of Representatives just refused a standard 3% increase in money for
the Anthropology Directorate of the National Science Foundation along with
Directorates for other "social sciences". Fortunately, the panic-bred
post I saw a few days ago, that these Directorates were completely cut out
of the NSF budget, was false, though it had been discussed as an option.

Tom Billings