Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 28 May 1995 05:57:54 GMT

In article <3ptqvh$>, Michael Cerny ( writes:
>Or perhaps because more children from incestuous unions die early. This
>would cause an evolutionary slant away from those with incestuous tendencies.
>For those into evolutionary psychology, there are quite a few tomes that
>speak to this issue (and unfortunately, I can't remember what any of them are
>at the moment.)

Now just what would cause more children to die early from incestuous
unions than other children, may I ask?

How would anyone know whether the mother had been fooling around with
her brother and became pregnant, or was fooling around with someone
else instead?

How do you rank children born of mothers "married" to their brothers
or close relatives so as to keep their family estate intact, while
they all go off and fool around with others and have children by them

I mean, that is only a problem for the men, because his common fuck
is the one bearing the child as an illegitimate heir. But the woman
can have children by anyone at all, and nobody would know provided the
husband accepts them as legitimate heirs.

For that matter, what would you say about surrogate fathers in cases
of brotherly impotence?