Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 28 May 1995 05:51:42 GMT

In article <3pv9pa$>, Rodney Wines (R_WINES@TRZCL1) writes:
>You also crosspost to sci.astro, sci.anthropology, alt.astrology, and
> YOU are responsible for where your posts appear, and
>nobody else. You have the power (and responsibility) to edit your headers
>so that your posts go where you intended them. You can't blame anybody but
>yourself for your crossposts.

But I don't blame anyone else, young Rodney. They blame ME rather for
joining them in THEIR cross-posts.

Now, let me repeat, I reserve the right to reply to the abuse x-posted
to anywhere at all, regardless of the follow-ups.

As you yourself choose to x-post so widely, so I reply to the same
number of groups. Yes?

Here, let me demonstrate, from your very own header:

>From: R_WINES@TRZCL1 (Rodney Wines)
>Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.anthropology,alt.astrology,
>Subject: Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Is that yours? Yes?

Don't lecture me, eh?

>Hey, Gil, seems to me you used to have a great quote about ranting. It
>really fits you. You're the only reason I'm still following this thread.
>You're a laugh a minute!

But this silly arcade game was MEANT to be a laugh a minute, Rodney.

This isn't Space Invaders you know, with Martians being zapped at the
rate of a million a minute. This is surrealist comedy, and it really
takes some doing keeping the script running day by day.

We are so pleased you are able to offer your ideas and suggestions,
like Carl does sitting over there in his booth at Caltech, and dear
sweet Colene twiddling her clit and getting all flushed and sweaty
over all this nonsense . . .

>> There's a good chap.
>Indeed, Gil. Hope to hear from you soon ...

Pleasure indeed! So long as nobody over there ever gets the idea into
their fresher level bean brain that any of this here is anthropology,
I don't mind what happens.

ANYTHING to throw them off substituting this stupid Usenet News for a
decent hour in a good library catching up on the literature, and get
them out into the field to do some real work finally.