Mon, 22 May 95 05:42:12 -0500

NE>( writes:
NE>>No doubt, but incestuous and close cousin fertilization also greatly
NE>>increases the chances of the zygote's getting two copies of some
NE>>catastrophic recessive gene.

NE>For this "incest taboo" theory of yours to hold, you have to explain
NE>why so many isolated and otherwise culturally diverse people who know
NE>nothing whatsoever about either zygotes or recessive genes, hold so
NE>consistently nevertheless to the idea of incest being a crime.

Perhaps they do so because they have noticed that the gods punish sister
and brother hanky-panky by sending dorked babies? <g>


€ OLX 2.1 TD € ....undocumented genealogy is mythology....