Re: Bone pointing (was Re: Incest taboos)

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 25 May 1995 23:00:18 GMT

In article <3pssok$>, Bryant ( writes:
>THANK YOU. I didn't expect a "controlled experiment" of something of
>this nature, just some kind of case study that reports what happened in
>some detail. I appreciate your sharing of this reference. Gil is still
>unconvinced that doing so is standard procedure in the real world.

HA! Your self-righteous moralising makes me want to puke, fellow!

Were you at all au fait with "standard procedure in the real world",
you would surely have simply gone _offline_ and done a literature
search of your own, or preferably gone out into the field and done
some basic research of your own.

I had already offered enough information on the phenomenon at this
end, that were you genuinely interested in chasing it up gave you
quite a lot of leads on what to be looking out for. But instead you
rose majestically into your white charger to berate me that I did
want to do the rest of your work for you.

Having your lap dog Gerold running around finding references for you
does NOT an anthropologist make. Nor scientist of any ilk.

You have no credibility here whatsoever, regardless of how pompously
you post your little notices to your various girlfriends on the papers
you have available for them. What a lot of hot cock, old scrotum!

Let them do their own work and join us as research scientists in
their own right, assuming they are at all interested in doing so to
start with.