Re: Bone pointing (was Re: Incest taboos)

Bryant (
26 May 1995 08:39:47 -0600

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Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>In article <3pssok$>, Bryant ( writes:
>>THANK YOU. I didn't expect a "controlled experiment" of something of
>>this nature, just some kind of case study that reports what happened in
>>some detail. I appreciate your sharing of this reference. Gil is still
>>unconvinced that doing so is standard procedure in the real world.
>HA! Your self-righteous moralising makes me want to puke, fellow!

Then puke, Gil. By all means. All over yourself.

>Were you at all au fait with "standard procedure in the real world",
>you would surely have simply gone _offline_ and done a literature
>search of your own, or preferably gone out into the field and done
>some basic research of your own.

1. I did a lit search of the medical journal archives on Dialog and found
no such phenomenon documented there.

2. I'm not going to fly to Australia and hang out with the locals waiting
for a bone to get pointed to see if somebody dies, Gil. I simply asked
for the references you claimed to have.

>You have no credibility here whatsoever, regardless of how pompously
>you post your little notices to your various girlfriends on the papers
>you have available for them. What a lot of hot cock, old scrotum!

I have no credibility because I bother to post references? A while
back, were you not calling me names because I hadn't posted enough for
your liking? Gil, it's a relief as a scientist and a decent human being to
be on your bad side.