Bone pointing (was Re: Incest taboos)

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 16 May 1995 01:50:12 GMT

Bryant ( said:
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: >On the other hand, we have documentary evidence of people having died
: >as a result of having, say, a bone pointed at them. Documented by the
: >medical fraternity, I must add.

: I'm not sure you're serious, but I have to ask for references on this one.

What "references" would you need for an ordinary, everyday phenomenon
like that, Bryant? Surely you must have been locked away in a cage by
yourself all your life, denied ordinary human love and companionship,
that you have no comprehension of what I am discussing here.

Standard hospital treatment for the condition, in fact, is to fly an
elder down from the desert to "sing" the patient back.

Goodness, none of it is difficult to grasp. If you want to be cruel
enough to try an experiment, try rejecting your own children. You
don't have to point a bone at them; point a saucepan lid or a frypan
at them if you will, so long as you make it clear that by doing so
you are totally disinheriting them.

See how utterly distressed and miserable they become, and then watch
how they calm down and "come back to life" when their own grandfather
arrives to offer them his warm, loving attention. Observe how the old
man will sing to them, crooning and cuddling them, and rocking them in
his lap.

Watch grandmothers in particular doing that with small children.

Just don't let it go on for too long, else they will begin to lose
weight through the stress and loss of appetite which accompanies such

Take care also that they will be afraid of you, no longer trusting you
to be their parent.