Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 23 May 1995 03:07:53 GMT

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>Perhaps they do so because they have noticed that the gods punish sister
>and brother hanky-panky by sending dorked babies? <g>

What strength of association is there between dorked babies and said

Firstly, the idealised risk of deformity is less than 1:4, assuming
pure strains either side. That leaves a 3:4 chance of a perfectly
formed baby, yes? In the case of Roosen's Hawaiian royal family, for
example, surely the chances of three perfectly pure Divine heirs for
every one with a deformity are good indeed.

The one deformed individual going on to become a witch-doctor of the
most extraordinarily enhanced *mana* of them all, no doubt.

Secondly, even were those odds at all realistic, the couple could have
enjoyed sexual intercourse many hundreds of times without the girl even
falling pregnant. Assuming that they were only bonking for the sake of
bonking, when they might just as well have visited the groundsman, or
the parlour maid, instead of seeking to find solace in each others
company and only "doing it" a few times.

Only once or twice is enough for an outcry, isn't it? Where incest
is a crime we also find rules of brother/sister avoidance among other
sets of relationships, where they are not allowed even to LOOK at
one another, much less get close or actually touch.

Come now! All you people are disciplined scholars are you not, well
schooled in scientific method. Tell me, on what field data gleaned
from among human populations do you base your arguments?

No humans at all, but so many hundreds of generations of rats in a
laboratory I'd say, all funded in the wake of panic over Victoria and
her far too many progeny. Her having been a haemophylia carrier making
Civilisation As We Know IT so vulnerable to exposure and overthrow by
those dreadful unwashed bolshevics, and we can't have that now, can

We'll have to work out a way to avoid all this in-breeding, yes, and
keep the blood-line intact without appearing too inbred and stupid.

Pity they're unable to do much about all the screwing going on inside
the family, except maybe expose it in the gutter press from time to
time on moral grounds. Them being above the law, and all that.