Re: 7 gr. sci. (Monkey)

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 23 May 1995 02:19:10 GMT

In article <3p47h4$>, Richard Bennett ( writes:
>The reason there are so few monkeys is that the Hong Kongese ate the
>rest of them, by slicing open their skulls and sucking their brains up
>a straw. Really. Just like in "Temple of Doom" with Dr. I. Jones.

But you missed the bit about the Taiwanese electric skull-opener that
does such a neat job of making a cup out of the skull all in the one
operation, and the kitchen wiz attachment for pulping the monkey brain
first so it could be sucked up through the magic whirly-gig straw.

Heck, don't you know how to communicate with kids? Didn't you see the
movie (duh, I don't get it) "Big".

It's no fun being SARCASTIC, they just DON'T GET IT, Y'HEAR!

>RB ("I know kids, we'll ask the COMPUTER!!!!")

Yeah! Now that's more like it. 'Specially if it's got a 14" Super VGA
multimedia http/url.gluesniffer@gradeschool port for DIGITAL stereo
hi-fi speakers AND a joystick.

Or is that just a common or garden variety dick being manipulated?

Hard to tell with these CyberAnthropology freaks . . .