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> >We are a group of students doing a reasearch project . We would
> >like to know where monkeys live, how many there are left in the
> >world, how tall they grow and what do they eat. Thank you.
> Thank you for asking this question. We have so little discussion
> about monkeys these days, a sign, I believe, of the decline of our
> civilization. That, and Barry Bonds' salary. Anyway, to get to your
> point, well, in fact, there are only 13 monkeys left, and they all
> live in zoos. When they are fully grown, they are half the size of
> middle school science teachers, but twice as smart. They subsist
> (look that word up in the dictionary, if you have one) entirely on a
> diet of Granola and bananas.
Unfortunately, during the past week this number was reduced to 6, as the
four monkeys in the Bronx Zoo and the three at the Central Park Zoo were
put to sleep and cremated by an executive order from Gov. Petaki, once he
was informed that all monkeys carry deadly viruses. One of the
white-fronted capuchin monkeys (Cebus albifrons), from the Bronx Zoo was
the cute little monkey often seen on the TV show "Friends". He will be
written out of the script.

I would suggest you redirect you question to an e-mailing list serving the
American Society of Primatologists (ASP) by mailing your inquiry to
Be sure to include a return e-mail address in your inquiry and specify
that is where you would like responses sent. By the way, don't tell them
you got the address from me.:)