Re: Gender differences

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24 May 1995 12:39:36 -0600

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J. Moore <> wrote:
>I certainly see a lot of knee-jerk reactions in brain studies, but
>mostly they knee-jerk in the direction of assuming that physical
>differences seen *must* be innate, rather than developed. This is done
>over and over, from the first time I read the "Einstein's brain's cells"
>stuff to the corpus callosum stuff. Yet the only study I've heard of
>that actaully attempted to address this question (innate or developed?)
>concluded "developed" was the answer.

Um, you've described every part of the phenotype. Every single trait is
the result of the interaction of genes with the developmental environment.
Care to qualify or clarify a bit?

>In other words, just like your muscles develop in certain ways when you
>use them, so too does your brain. (If you use it instead of assuming
>"physical difference" equals "innate" ;-)
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