Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Rodney Wines (R_WINES@TRZCL1)
24 May 1995 15:46:36 GMT

In <> writes:

> Nonsense to you too, kraut!

Gil, I'm eternally grateful for your crossposts, because I can sit over
here in and practically twist my arm out of joint
patting myself on the back after reading one. I can be proud that I, a
mere computer geek, am not as lacking in basic education, understanding, or
humanity, as one of you "educated" Liberal Arts types. Your nastiness is
even more disgusting, since you seem to be one of the so-called religious
types. "Judge not lest ye be judged."

For nearly three years now, I've lived less than an hour from the German
border, and I've spent quite a bit of time there. I go back at every
opportunity. I live and work among Germans, and people of Germanic
heritage, and many of them are also dear personal friends. I have almost
universally been treated with kindness and warmth, and I seriously doubt
that most of these people would be treated half as well in the US or

My time here is among the most rewarding experiences of my life. My work
permit expires at the end of '96, but if I could live the rest of my life
in German-speaking Europe, I would consider it an honor.

Your nastiness and name-calling is definately beneath someone with your
supposed "education" and "enlightenment", and an insult to all of us. It
also shows you've simply run out of intelligent things to say and started
to rant.

> Sorry, but your lot have already been kicked out of every country on
> earth for insisting that everything must be just so logical and well
> ordered the way you everything to be. Admittedly on the other hand you
> yourselves have sought to exterminate anyone who appears to you just a
> tad human, illogical, imperfect, stupid, even to the point of building
> factories capable of mass executioin literally thousands of people a
> day.

But look at "your lot", Gil (and yes, "your lot" is also to a large extent
my lot). Our ancestors have been kicked out of every country on Earth for
just being obnoxious assholes.

Your ancestors were kicked out of England for being criminals, and your
treatment of the "Abos" is hardly an improvement over the way the Germans
treated the Jews. I don't know if it's changed, but there used to be a
"Whites Only" sign over every entrance to Australia. I was told by a Ph.D
candidate in Anthropology that Anthropology was invented by the British as
a cheap and dirty way of controlling and manipulating subject populations.

So, when you throw off on the Germans, it's definately a case of the pot
calling the kettle black (er, white).

> Be aware that we can gleefully and fruitfully pull out as much crud
> on the Germans as we want, if you decide you want to play that sort
> of game. Isn't that right, Heinzie old pal.

Yes, Gil, that's right (whatever the "Germans" are. After all, that's kept
changing over the last century or so). So what?

It's also "right" that even a computer geek like me can pull out as much
crud on just about any arbitrary grouping of humanity as I want. I do not
admit to being a member of the human race with any sense of pride. Mark
Twain said something like, "Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs

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