Re: Incest taboos

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 22 May 1995 02:18:58 GMT

In article <3pitlb$>, Bryant ( writes:
>So now, abandoning creationism, you've become a Panglossian?

Abandoning creationism? That's certainly a new one, Bryant old bean; I
never knew I'd taken it up to start with, so thanks for letting me

A Panglossian? Well, that's certainly new as well. Let me add it to my
list of insults . . .

>"Such" theories? "Such" lack of evidence? What *are* you going on
>about, Gil? I made a disparaging remark about behavioral genetics, and
>now you're ascribing theories to me.

Oh, you made a disparaging remark Bryant. Thanks for telling me.

In future I'll know for certain that you have no science at all, only
disparaging remarks. As I have long been asserting in all events.

Thanks for making your position clear finally.