Re: Gender differences

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 22 May 1995 02:13:10 GMT

In article <>, J€ Goolsby ( writes:
>I don't need an anthropologist, book, nor even a measuring devise to
>answer this. The difference within any given culture is obvious.

If you already know all this, and simply don't need anthropological
comment on your opinion, why bother posting it to this conference?

>Reminds me of the US government giving UCSB psychologists a US$ million to
>find out if movies influence behavior.
>J€ Goolsby, Cunning Linguist

You're no cunnilingist, fellow. You're just a common or garden variety
masturbator, aren't you. Why don't you just go jerk your silly little
gherkin elsewhere else, eh?