Re: Star Trek fans, what do you think?

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 22 May 1995 02:31:43 GMT

In article <>, J€ Goolsby ( writes:
>The 'western culture' that appears to be 'constant' historically and
>replayed in formula media stories as well as in contemporary western
>society is the aggression that invaded europe then invaded england then
>invaded america then invaded asia, etc.
>The culture is the 'hero' story told in Homer, Bible, Beowulf, Star Trek, etc.

You are reifying one myth, however forcefully rammed down everyone's
throats from infancy, and affording it full standing as a culture in
its own right. That would certainly go part way toward explaining the
severely acculturated nihilism of Western "civilisation", and the
panic-stricken violence with which y'all contemporary Americans in
particular choose to greet your fellow human beings.

>It's an aggressive empire that destroys every culture it comes in contact with.

Yes, as we were saying. But the issue at hand rather concerns the
mental state of those individuals to choose to take it on board as
reality, then go out themselves to destroy and exploit others in the
belief that it is not themselves personally who are doing it, but
their "culture".

I would suggest that you will begin restoring your own civilisation
and culture the moment you decide to stop and begin to use your own
brains instead; to join others as fellow human beings in discursive
community on common issues concerning us all back here on earth.