Mon, 22 May 95 05:42:13 -0500

NE>>Scientific american presented some of the latest results about a year
NE>>Clear differences were shown between male and female cognitive

NE>I would be very careful to use the term *already proven* for a
NE>hypothesis which is still very controversial.. I'm not saying I agree
NE>or disagree myself, but only point out the fact that this idea is still
NE>debated widely (particularly if anyone here followed the intense debate
NE>on Arch-L earlier this year...)

NE>MB Williams

Very sound advice! We should not jump to any conclusions that cognitive
sexual dimorphism is anywhere nearly as extensive as physical sexual
dimorphism, based on the scant evidence now available. My lifetime of
experiences in teaching children and adolescents of both sexes and all
continental origins has led me to believe that, if tendencies to
cognitive dimorphism exist, these tendencies show great overlap among
genders and cultures. (Of course, that just may be my female brain
working, looking at the big picture! <g>)

If properly funded, this area of neurological research could be very
fruitful in the near future.


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