Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 21 May 1995 04:32:17 GMT

In article <>, Grant Edwards ( writes:
>Is there some kind of cluelessness award that can be sent to people who
>write about "this newsgroup" in an article that is posted to four of them?

No, there is only a cluelessness award for those who can't see that
people deliberately and conscientiously subscribe to the one group
so as to concentrate on their particular field of interest, only to
have a bunch of jerks over in the US somewhere x-post the same
drivel to every different group they can think of.

LET ME REPEAT MYSELF, MORON! I subscrube to sci.anthropology. I post
to sci.anthropology.

That the material is subsequently x-posted more widely you will have
to discuss with whoever it is over there setting these threads up to
start with.

I don't care myself. As people seek the advice of anthropologists on
particular matters of multidisciplinary interest they are welcome
here. But what we are getting for our trouble is only more abuse from
fucking crud morons like you.

If you don't want a useful Usenet, but see your interest only in
abusing and ranting against all and sundry, why don't just piss off

I repeat, I just don't care. While you crowd over there see fit to
abuse us so unrelentingly, and flood our sites day after day for
years on end with your drivel, then be certain that is what you are
going to get right back in your lap from this end.

Else, just maybe, eventually, somehow, if we all pray hard enough,
heal the earth, find the Rapture upon us, why goodness gracious we
might find people being nice to one another here, engaging in an
intelligent, thoughtful, informed discourse on matters of common

>Piss off, eh?
>Somebody who doesn't even understand cross-posting trying is to pretend he's
>an authority on usenet. What a crock.

You piss off, fucker! Who is pretending to be an "authority on the
Internet", or doesn't understand x-posting?

Rather, you would have us out here in the rest of the world accept
that y'all ugly Amurkun mother fuckers can expost your drivel and
abuse as widely as you wish, while we have no right of reply to the
same audience?

Sorry, you lot set the x-posts, I just leave them as they are.

>Yet another hint the guy's cluefully impaired.

Indeed. No point presenting oneself to "B" Ward in the nuthouse as
intelligent and well educated is there? All you can understand are
people suffering the same psychopathology as you, so the least we
can do in attempting to communicate with you at all is comply with
your delusions.

Grant? Grant? Mr Edwards? You in there? Oh hi, its only me with your
pills. Now I want you to swallow them all. Yes, that's the way.

Feel better now? No, we know you don't. Just trying to be nice.

Oh, they tell me sci.anthropology is set aside for anthropologists.

Did you know that? No, we know you don't. Just trying to be nice.

It's lovely and sunny outside. Would you like me to take you out to
sit on the lawn for a while? Here, just hold my arm and we'll take
you out, eh? Sorry about all the pills making you so drowsy, but we
don't want you to be demolishing the place now do we.

Ah, such a lovely garden we have here for you to sit in. Such nice
flowers the gardeners grow just for you. Aren't you lucky, now.

There's a good chap.