The scientific harvest (Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 21 May 1995 04:08:27 GMT

In article <>, Kai Henningsen ( writes:
>I'd like a single example where religion (not to be confused with
>primitive science, as in observing cause-and-effect, whether done or
>approved by priests or not) improved a harvest. There are lots of examples
>for science.

Religion "improves the harvest" by establishing a common calendar for
sowing and reaping, old fruits, and for binding the local community
and establishing the rules for distributing the produce. Religious
festivals mark the seasons, and bring people out to work together
getting crops in to start with.

If you have no crop at all, how on earth can the harvest be improved?

Science added to traditional practice only marginally improves the
harvest while at once extensively undermining farm terms of trade, as
in Europe and North America. But where science refutes traditional
practice as everywhere else on earth, disaster in wide spread famine
has resulted because it throws the seasonal cycles out of kilter and
makes people dependent on foreigners and their "aid programs", which
do no more than dump cheap over-production that would otherwise go to

Ah but that's politics, US Foreign Policy, I hear you mutter?