Re: Darwin Fish

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 21 May 1995 04:47:25 GMT

In article <3pgen9$>, Andrea Jean Faraone ( writes:
> Ok, my apologies if this is not exactly appropriate for the group.
>#1. What is a Darwin Fish? Something that is put on a car, from what
> I understand.

A Darwin Fish:-

\ /
/ \
| |
| O |
\ /

It is the symbolic representation of natural selection invented by
over-sexed evolutionary theorists to express mathematically the
attractiveness of pubescent females to the dominant males in the
band, who thereby become obsessed with transmitting their own genes
in competition with other, less dominant males.

That is, the symbol of male competitiveness and aggression.

>#2. Where is a Darwin Fish found.

Um. Look down, Andrea . . .