Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 21 May 1995 03:54:53 GMT

In article <>, Kai Henningsen ( writes:
>The scenario I'm speaking of is someone claiming "here, X was caused by
>God", or even "whenever you do Z, God does Y", with X and Z observable and
>examinable phenomena. That's something science can look at, and come to

Nonsense to you too, kraut!

Who is this "someone" you are referring to here? It is nobody at all,
is it, I dare suggest. All you are doing here is proposing a syllogism
entirely of your own invention, and then proceeding from there to
try and make out other people to be talking nonsense.

You haven't even bothered to establish its validity to start with,
nor indeed its relevance to this thread on Big Bang Theory.

>In fact, it has done so numerous times, the conclusion being "sorry,
>nothing there". However, there's always the chance that a different
>conclusion may be reached.

By whom, when? By some German "scientists" of your acquaintance,

>In that case, we'd have some "real" phenomenon that is called "God" by
>someone. Then we can look for more information on that phenomenon, sifting
>facts from myth and arriving at an useable definition.

Supposing that you have a case at all, old boy. Maybe you can shift
your silly logic across to that other thread on whether God exists,
where is has already been flamed ad nauseam.

>That's how it works - you always have only nebulous or even outright wrong
>concepts as long as science hasn't had its pass at the stuff.
>_Afterwards_, you have the precise definitions.

Ah yes, precise definitions after the rigid Germanic mindset after all

Sorry, but your lot have already been kicked out of every country on
earth for insisting that everything must be just so logical and well
ordered the way you everything to be. Admittedly on the other hand you
yourselves have sought to exterminate anyone who appears to you just a
tad human, illogical, imperfect, stupid, even to the point of building
factories capable of mass executioin literally thousands of people a

Even yet your people riot against and burn out peasants working in
your country, who don't happen to conform to your rigid blueprint
for the perfectly logical and consistent blue eyed Aryan fascist pig,
don't they.

So how about if you want to be accepted among this world community
represented among us here on sci.anthropology, how about you just
pull your head in, eh?

Be aware that we can gleefully and fruitfully pull out as much crud
on the Germans as we want, if you decide you want to play that sort
of game. Isn't that right, Heinzie old pal.