Re: Bone pointing (was Re: Incest taboos)

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 21 May 1995 03:38:25 GMT

In article <3pd7j2$>, Bryant ( writes:
>No, Gil, I've never seen somebody die from being pointed at. I'd like to
>read the documented cases you've referred to. I don't mean that as some
>sideways dig; I mean it as a request for a reference.

Die from being pointed at? Just pointed at? Can't say I've ever seen
anyone die from being pointed at either, and nowhere have I referred
to documented cases of any such thing happening.

The more you choose to rewrite reality in propagating your theories as
you have here above, and here too in attempting to ridicule others to
the same end, the more you are exposed and the more stupid you look.

>The concept I grasp. That there is documentation seems too good an
>opportunity to learn about this in detail to pass up. Please do share
>the references you mentioned.

You grasp nothing except your own weenie in your own right hand, old

If you do want access to the medical records on ritual death among
Aboriginal people here, go see the staff at Sir Charles Gairdiner
Hospital, Bryant, or maybe Derby District Hospital or any other. That
I mention the existence of such records does not require me to go get
them for you.

Especially since as usual you don't want to do that anyway, do you.

Nor do you want it from me either, from someone who has already lost
far too many friends through such "unexplained" death.

You only want to take this "opportunity" to distract everyone else
from the fact that all you sociobiology frauds do not merely have no
documentation of your own, but no field data either.


Yes thanks, we are a wake-up to your crud political scamming. Two can
play that game either way you want it to be; the moment you exhibit
credibility as scientists here, we will certainly oblige.

Let make a deal, eh? You present factual evidence here in support of
your theories on sociobiology, and I'll chase up the medical records
you seek. Fair enough?

In the meantime, you can place your "polite request" for documentation
of people dying from being "pointed at" as often as you wish.

Let's just stop fooling ourselves, and write it into a script so you
can have it posted automatically each day? You might as well, that's
all we ever get from you in all events.