Re: Star Trek fans, what do you think?

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19 May 1995 17:55:16 GMT

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> Well, the problem has been to find anything much resembling "culture"
> in the West to start with. [snip] the Anglo-American (incl. their
antipodean derivative)
> hot-potch of borrowed artifacts and horribly abused language belongs
> only under "miscellaneous".

> >Trek relates to certain constants and solutions in
> >the human condition- whether those who watch those particular programs are
> >"couch potatoes" (and I know many active people who enjoy this show) is a
> >blanket judgement of this culture that is loaded with bias. What do you
> >do for fun? Ski-bunny, party-animal, beach-bum, cineaddict etc.....AD.
> Certain constants and solutions in the human condition?
> Certain CONSTANTS? What, selected from this undoubtedly representative
> list you offer?

The 'western culture' that appears to be 'constant' historically and
replayed in formula media stories as well as in contemporary western
society is the aggression that invaded europe then invaded england then
invaded america then invaded asia, etc.

The culture is the 'hero' story told in Homer, Bible, Beowulf, Star Trek, etc.

It's an aggressive empire that destroys every culture it comes in contact with.

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