Re: If god exists, what created god?

Hamish Stewart (
19 May 1995 13:48:01 GMT

I take a pretty strong objection to this idea of how science can be
verifyied and religion cannot. Your description of the "religious"
method of enquiry sounds suspiciously like an awful lot of supposedly
scientific thought and method. I reckon that modern science and religion
are drawing closer - and its becoming clear that one cannot verify
everything - if indeed anything. A lot of religion for me is about
people seeking to describe their experience of living in an amazing
universe in a personal way - after all we all are seeking to discover
our indentiy within this vast cosmos - and I think its important to
bring an aspect of magic to this process. At its highest this is the key
to religion for me - seeing the magic in the world and using magical
language to describe the experience of living. Its a lot more satisfying
to describe something as a living breathing indenity that to break it
down into its component parts. Frankly scientific thought and the
obessessin with verification is largely responsible for the level of
dis-connectedness in our world today - a state of mind that is causing
pain to many people. May we embrace the magic....