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>>>Only we are tied to time, He created time and rules time, and is not
>ruled by

This a question that everybody asks at sometime be it on the
net or otherwise.
It is not a crime or a joke. Right from our childhood we are
socialized to believe in something that we cannot see or feel
and the people who do tell us about it are often improperly
educated themselves. Therefore it is not improper for us
to have these questions:
i)Who is God ?
ii)Who created us?
iii)If God Created us then who created God?
iv)Is God anthromorphic or zoomorphic- meaning does God have
the attribute of man or animal?

Our own hindu scriptures say that thee ways to attain God is by the
bakthi marga or the jnana marga or even the karma marga. Persoanlly
I am not a conscientous worker so the karma marga is ruled out,
have lost faith in the bakthi marga and the jnana marga seems to tbe the
only way out.
While at the jnana marga the way of seeking God would be first to question
our own existence. Where we born one night when our parents forgot to use
protection, or is there some purpose behind it. Some call the same
The paths to questioning existence has many modes. How did the universe
evolve, did it come from the time-matter gel that was there or what
for that one needs to read the like of Hawking, Sagan, Einstein etc.
Still there is no conclusive proof. Then comes the question of time.
Do we needd time or is time a reality within us, is time simply keeping
rythmic count or is there a begining and an end?
Is the duodecimal or sexagesimal counting of time -Time or is there no
Then we can question how man eveolved by looking at the zoological,
anthorpological and medical sciences. Look at psychology and neural
sciences to see where this mind exists as it is the seat of all
rational thought and reasoning. The Watson of the Nobel winning Watson &
Crick is now working on the genetic seat of the mind.
The next would be to look at physics and mathematics. What are the forces
that makes matter? Are these the same forces that create matter, then did
these forces create the universe or matter in space?
Then comes literature, and mythology which is the product of symbolic
communication that deems that we exist by symbols and signs, and it is
my personal opinion that GOD is a symbolic invention of the spoken and
written word.
I have two citation from literature that always reamin at the back of my mind.

This from the "Circle of Reason" by Amitav Ghosh:

" For example it was certain that the pandits and bhramins
had distorted the ancient Hindu idea of God, the brahma
into thousands of deities and idols, so that they could
make money quicker. Just as a shopkeeper might open new
counters, so each new god was a steady source of income for
the priests. As for the real Brahma, he was without attributes,
without form, nothing but an essence, in everything and in nothing.
In fact, Gopal said in a sibiliant whisper, the Brahma is
nothing but an Atom. Gopal stopped there and looked at his
enthralled audience. He said, it has been proved beyond all
doubt that the Universal Egg of Hindu Mythology is nothing but
a kind of Cosmic Neutron.
He therefore proposed that all meetings hereafter begin with
salutations and prayers to the Cosmic Atom.
But then ever since Professor Satyen Bose had published his
famous paper, all the elementary particles obey his statistics
and have been renamed as Bosons. Should we not, then, salute the
Cosmic Boson instead?
But Balaram similing slyly said, as I am aware, all the other
particles obey Enrico Fermi's statistics were know as Fermions.i
So shouldn't we salute the Cosmic Fermion as well."

This one is from "The Aleph" by Jorge Luis Borges:
" I arrive at the ineffable core of my story. And here begins
the my despair as a writer. All language is set of symbols
whose use among its speakers assumes a shared past. How, then,
can I translate into words the limitless Aleph, which my
floundering mind can scarcely encompass ? Mystics faced with
the same problem, fall back on symbols; to signify godhead,
one Persian speaks of the a bird that somehow is all birds;
Alanus de insulis, of a sphere whose center is everywhere
and circumference is nowhere' Ezekiel, of a four-faced
angel who at one and the same time moves east west, north
and south. (Not in vain do I recall these inconceivable
analogies; they bear some relation to the Aleph). Perhaps
the gods would grant me some similar meataphor, but then
it would be contaminated by literature, by fiction."

But then am only in my twenties, and with a projected life
span of 70+, I think I have a head start and a good half
century to find the answers.

Gopakumar Venugopalan
" be a rock and not to roll." Long Live rock and roll.
"I shall not be a member of any club that accepts me"-Groucho Marx