Re: Bone pointing (was Re: Incest taboos)

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17 May 1995 10:17:38 -0600

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Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>Bryant ( said:
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>: Gil Hardwick <> wrote:

>: >On the other hand, we have documentary evidence of people having died
>: >as a result of having, say, a bone pointed at them. Documented by the
>: >medical fraternity, I must add.
>: I'm not sure you're serious, but I have to ask for references on this one.
>What "references" would you need for an ordinary, everyday phenomenon
>like that, Bryant? Surely you must have been locked away in a cage by
>yourself all your life, denied ordinary human love and companionship,
>that you have no comprehension of what I am discussing here.

No, Gil, I've never seen somebody die from being pointed at. I'd like to
read the documented cases you've referred to. I don't mean that as some
sideways dig; I mean it as a request for a reference.

>Goodness, none of it is difficult to grasp. If you want to be cruel

The concept I grasp. That there is documentation seems too good an
opportunity to learn about this in detail to pass up. Please do share
the references you mentioned.