Re: Sun-Centered? (was: The Flat Earth?)

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19 May 1995 02:42:35 GMT (Clive D.W. Feather) writes:
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>Andrew Christy <> wrote:
>> Doesn't work either here (Canberra, Australia) or in Cambrige, UK. In both
>> cities, streets that are intuitively parallel turn out not to be
>> (as a rule in Canberra, they are 45-60 degrees out). In Cambridge, two of
>> them even meet at a right angle (by the Round Church).
>> I can only conclude that space shows a very strong local positive curvature
>> in these cities.
>Huh ? Didn't you *know* that there's a Tardis Effect somewhere on
>Christ's Pieces (in Cambridge). It's well known here.

Assuming that you're in Cambridge, Clive, and aren't getting confused,
then the Christ's Pieces Tardis Effect is a new one on me, but supports
the local spacetime curvature hypothesis.

BUT: are you sure you don't mean PARKER'S PIECE : the lamp post in the centre
of that patch of green has been called 'Reality Checkpoint' for a long time.
I always assumed the name was something to do with it sitting at the interface
between touristville/mediaeval colleges on the one side, and the real world
on the other. But then I'd try to walk home (down Mill Road) and end up in
Narnia instead...

Andy C


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