Re: Incest taboos

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 17 May 1995 06:05:11 GMT

In article <3p53ia$>, Bryant ( writes:
>Gil, I do wish you would take your medication like a good boy.

I do, Bryant. I find it necessary to take something to settle my
stomach whenever I see your peculiar garbage arriving at my site.

>Methinks you've confused behavioral genetics with evolutionary psychology.
>But then, I do seem to recall your objection to the very idea of
>evolution by selection, eh?

Oh, behavioural genetics. By that do you mean the propensity of our
good Brother Gregor's garden peas to rooting their sisters through
carrying an incest gene? Or maybe Joe Birdsell's idea that people only
have sex together when they are married and living together, at least
50% of them anyway, such behaviour governed by their territory gene?

My objection, do recall, has ever been to your propensity to build
such elaborate "scientific" theories on such a paucity of evidence.