Re: If god exists, what created god?

17 May 1995 20:37:11 GMT

Rahul Anand Narain ( wrote:
: (J.Aaron Kambeitz) wrote:
: > : Excuse me Rahul, but you have one hell of a nerve to be so blinded by
: > : your beliefs to bad mouth other religions. How dare you say that the
: > : world is going to the heathens and pagans... like that's a bad thing with
: >
: > : Cat
: >
: > Sheesh. He was probably trolling, you sucker.

: Il-Allah-e Rasgullah .....Woe be upon you..You Vogon..Such a serious
: subject..Dare one joke with the very creation of the Universe! Dare
: one question Who was responsible for Genesis ?

Why not! Adams, who *IS* God, does. ;-)

: > Even if he wasn't, you do Those literary references
: > do not refer to actual books even - let alone fiction.

: The ISBN is correct. Check it out in your library....And some
: of those who wrote to me about this being from THGTTG , that is
: published as a part of TMTCHG.

I know that, you goof. The point is that the books referred to (Where
God went wrong, etc...) do not exist- so they can hardly be against
Christianity. If they do, they are not authored by Adams, so naturally I
assumed you were trolling. Were you trolling?

: Apart from Mr. P. Collins, another excellent treatise on the
: subject has been rendered by Mr. I. Anderson. There is even a
: CDROM version available.

: > 'I bin talkin to Jeesus all my life"? Crimony, he got you good.

: Genesis.....That's how it all started anyway....*grin*

: > Hmmmm? So "The meek shall inherit the earth" is an insult
: > to the meek?
: :-((( Rotten Spoilsport Vogon...Aaron. Where there is only faith,
: and nothing else, the ability to reason dies...Didn't you know
: that ? How can you question this ultimate truth ?

I wasn't questioning any truths at all. Just trying to get the Cat off
your back. Cat got all hot-headed about you saying the world is going to
pagans; my point: that's not an insult to pagans at all. Was being
facetious you ninny.

: For those whose religious sentiments have been hurt, Well I
: can only quote ......

Atheist here. No harm done. I am greatly amused by your posts.

: May your god go with you.
: -- "Dave Allen" in the TV Show Dave Allen at large.

: "And the sins of the fathers shall be
: visited upon the heads of the children,
: even unto the third and fourth
: generation of them that hate me."

: Well, then I hate thee, unrighteous picture;
: Wicked image, I hate thee;
: So, strike with thy vengeance
: The heads of those little men
: Who come blindly.
: It will be a brave thing.
: Stephen Crane.
: ---------------------------------------------------------
: TMTCHG = refers to The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide
: Rasgullah = White Sweet dipped in a clear sugar syrup.
: When Allah ate it he concluded that the earth was heaven.....
: ---------------------------------------------------------

: rahul
: The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends
: to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of
: survival, Inquiry and Sophistication,otherwise known as the How,
: Why, and Where phases. For instance, the first phase is
: characterized by the question, "How can we eat?", the second
: by the question "why do we eat?" and the third by the question,
: "Where shall we have lunch?"
: ------------------TMTCHG.

I love your quotes. Left un<snip>ed for others to enjoy. Later Rahul.

J.Aaron Kambeitz