Re: primates and sex

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 16 May 1995 01:57:20 GMT

In article <>, Joseph Askew ( writes:
>Yet the continuing popularity shows that this group is interested
>in far more than human heterosexual intercourse.

Look at the header, Joseph. They are interested in primate sexuality
and the transmission of HIV among those species.

They have mistakenly posted a thread belonging to sci.biology. This
here is sci.anthropology.

>Well sleeping with animals has never been my strong point so
>I am happy to defer to my more epxerienced fellow countrymen.

Sorry, but I've lost your point here again, Joseph. Are you wanting
to discuss humans having sex with animals, or apes and monkeys having
sex, or humans having sex with one another, or maybe simply enjoying
a happy marriage?

>So I have heard.

Hang around, you'll hear a lot more . . .