Why do you read sci.anthro?

15 May 1995 15:32:48 GMT

I have been reading this group for a while now and have seen many people post here.
I am curious why most read it though. I see that it is an excellent place
for the exchange of ideas but rarely do I see "conversations"; mostly they
are really informed people (very few in number) responding to a litany of
simple questions. I am glad that the people are asking them but there seems
to be two classes here - the very informed and the hardly informed at all.
First I wish that people would stop considering their questions as silly or
dumb and listing _Really Dumb Question_ as their topic because the questions
are worth asking if they don't know the answer, and second, I wonder what most
people expect from the group (why read it?).
Thanks, This is not a poll...I am just asking out of curiousity
Keith Dever

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