Re: Evidence for Big Bang Theory

Timothy J Keenan (
15 May 1995 15:09:11 GMT

: In fact, I didn't expect you to respond at all! I thought that the stupid
: idea of posting simplistic Renn diagrams would be so absolutely absurd that
: you would find it a humorous reaction to your equally stupid leniance with
: the meaning of the "cats and dogs" argument.

At the risk of exposing myself as a complete ignoramus--and allowing for
the fact that something may have come along in set theory in the twenty
five years since I took it in high school--what is a Renn diagram? is it
the same thing that used to be called a *Venn* diagram? I am sure that
that's what old Mr. McDiarmid (and my math textbook) called those little
pictures of intersecting circles.

-- Tim Keenan

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University of Guelph
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