Re: This cultural vandalism (Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Chuck Dedman (
13 May 1995 18:42:07 GMT (Gil Hardwick) wrote:
>In article <>, Peter Ceresole ( writes:
>>I presume you're having fun. Nothing wrong with that, although in that case
>>your indignation sounds pretty phoney. Alternatively you're not grown up
>>enough to stop, or you don't know how to prevent yourself cross-posting.
>>None of those possibilities reflect much credit, do they?
>>Admit it, you're just having a nice flame war.
>Oh no, not JUST having a nice flame war, Peter. The thread has broken
>up into divers arguments as you are already fully aware, only SOME of
>which I have indicated ought to be pursued elsewhere.
I'm a certified SCUBA instructer and have done a LOT of FREE DIVING, so maybe I would enjoy
getting into some of the divers arguments.