This cultural vandalism (Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 04 May 1995 02:42:26 GMT

In article <>, (Ferris) writes...
>The number one strength of the big bang theory is the reliability of the
>predictions this model makes about observeable phenomena. The most
>significant confirmation of a prediction that follows from the big bang
>model was the discovery of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). The
>concept that a pervasive "glow" from a very young, very hot universe should
>still be observable has been around since the 1940's. The 1965 discovery by
>AT&T Bell Labs researchers of the CMB confirmed this prediction and provided
>strong support for the big bang model. There are other predictions of the
>big bang which have been confirmed by observation--chief among these is the
>observation that the universe is expanding--and it is this power of
>prediction that makes the big bang the most compelling model for creation of
>the universe.

Compelling to the physicist, no doubt. Evidence of elaborate myths of
origin, on the other hand, make our capacity to predict the extent to
which humans create stories, music and high drama for themselves the
most compelling model for human cultural integrity.

That a very few humans indeed aka physicists persist in going to all
that trouble and expense trying to refute otherwise purely religious
systems of belief is a real pain in the arse. We anthropologists don't
go about like ranting iconoclasts to destroy your physical evidence,
do we?

Why would you lot bother going on such a rampage trying to destroy our
cultural evidence?

Destroying other people's cultures into the bargain.

I tell you now, that is NOT science. It is nothing more than the most
egregious and unwarranted cultural vandalism, pursued to no other
purpose than to impose the dominance of the G7 industrial nations over
everybody else on the planet.

It is no mere circumstance that we are so continuously visited by
Republican political activists and other fascists intent on abusing,
brow-beating and discrediting us all in attempting to have us comply
with their policy on science representing merely another political
faction submitting in its turn to "government".

Let's simply acknowledge that science has certain limits beyond which
its applicability becomes rapidly marginal. Beyond that point it is
simply no longer science; no longer a disciplined method of enquiry,
but a deliberate attempt to impose a particular political ideology.

If these "scientists" want to persist in overstepping the mark then
surely they are going to be held liable for the massive extra costs
incurred in making so trivial a "gain" in the whole corpus of human

Already the combined world environment and social security payouts
have reached astronomical proportions trying to keep ahead of the
pace of destruction. Far better surely were the good disciplines of
scientific method were put to the benefit of humankind, yes?

While all the politicians, lawyers, high priests and activists only
wanting permanency somewhere within the bureaucracy JUST PISS OFF.


He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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