Re: This cultural vandalism (Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 11 May 1995 06:07:42 GMT

In article <>, Peter Ceresole ( writes:
>I presume you're having fun. Nothing wrong with that, although in that case
>your indignation sounds pretty phoney. Alternatively you're not grown up
>enough to stop, or you don't know how to prevent yourself cross-posting.
>None of those possibilities reflect much credit, do they?
>Admit it, you're just having a nice flame war.

Oh no, not JUST having a nice flame war, Peter. The thread has broken
up into divers arguments as you are already fully aware, only SOME of
which I have indicated ought to be pursued elsewhere.

Others have developed into serious discussion on metaphysics and the
applicability of Set Theory to categories of nothingness, although
were you to examine the motives of SOME participants you might begin
to ask yourself whether they really ought to be brought to task.

I don't bother myself, of course, merely allowing that serious science
can also be quite a lot of fun. I mean, who ever said that we must be
just another mob of dithering, bespectacles swots?

Where it DOES get quite serious is when they continue interrupting my
fresher tutorials while I am trying to encourage some of my slower
learners to finish reading their term papers.

I mean, enough enthusiasm is enough! Surely it can wait for the staff
common room . . .