Re: The Flat Earth?
Fri, 12 May 95 08:30:52 EST

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+ Bret Jolly (Bo'-ret Tro Ly) Mathemagus LA Platygaean Society
+Just like old times.

Yeah; isn't it a crying shame that nostalgia isn't what it used to be?

Hey, for a quick trip down memory lane, check out Ted Holden's (aka medved)
stuff on Manages to combine the best of Veliskovskian
astrology/astronomy/weirdness with creationism. He's quite willing
(and 1/8 able) to argue with anyone, any time, on any subject.
I've been told he's been going strong for over 9 years. People *still*
are'nt sure if he's a troll or not - the sign of a *truly* fine troll.

Mike Sharkey

"Dammit, why do *I* have to be the second billy-goat?"