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12 May 1995 12:38:29 GMT

Dr. Jai Maharaj ( re-posted this article,

: [ Imported from the Hindu Digest of May 3, 1992 ]
: [ Article by: (Virendra Verma) ]
: [ Subject: Modern Science and Hinduism ]

one of whose statements was:

: 2. [p64] Many hundreds of years before those great European
: pioneers, Galileo and Copernicus, had to pay heavy prices in
: ridicule and excommunication for their daring theories, a
: section of the Vedas known as the Brahmanas contained this
: astounding statement:
: The sun never sets or rises. When people think the sun is
: setting, he only changes about after reaching the end of the
: day and makes night below and day to what is on the other
: side. Then, when people think he rises in the morning, he
: only shifts himself about after reaching the end of the
: night, and makes day below and night to what is on the other
: side. In truth, he does not set at all.

I have always been interested in this. Unfortunately, most of what I've
read about it is pretty distantly secondary. Could you post a short
reading list, possibly including available English translations of the
original Brahmanas?

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